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Measurement uncertainties for materials testing

Measurements and tests are conducted to assess the conformity of products and processes with specifications, norms or legal requirements. They form the basis for the evaluation, approval or rejection of products and processes. 

However, without information on the related measurement uncertainty, a measured value can lead to incorrect evaluations of conformity – potentially with serious economic or legal consequences. We can support you with the following services in the area of measurement uncertainties:

  • Advanced training and seminars on the issue of measurement uncertainties
  • Evaluation of test processes and measurement uncertainties by our inspection body
  • Materials testing incl. meaningful measurement uncertainties by our test laboratory



NEWS: Seminar measurement uncertainties for testing and calibration

We offer on request our special seminar measurement uncertainties in english.
The seminar provides ready-to-use knowledge and documents for calculating measurement uncertainties of test methods and test results. Various approaches presented during lectures and exercises will enable the attendee to apply the concept beyond the methods discussed during the seminar. 
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@messunsicherheit.info or +49 201 316844 0.


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